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About us

Josué was born into a Catholic family in Mexico City. At age thirteen, Josué was saved during a youth camp after hearing a sermon from Romans 12 on “offering your life as a living sacrifice”. In the spring of 2019, Josué graduated from his three-year Doctoral Program on Expository Preaching.

At the age of 12, Rebekah believed on Jesus as her Lord and Savior after a revival service at Grace Baptist Church in West Columbia, SC. She was baptized and began to grow in the Lord, serving in her church and witnessing to others.

We are the parents of our three beautiful children, Natanya, Santiago, and Sebastian. We are sent out of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Newington, CT, where the people have been so encouraging and Pastor Cary Schmidt has been such a guide and true friend. We are also working in partnership with BIMI.


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For under $400,000 we can buy a land where we can build a multipurpose
building that will serve as church building, counseling center, school grounds,
and seminary classrooms.

Church Building

Counseling center



Project Design


Dr. David Teis, Liberty Baptist, NV
Cary Schmidt, Emmanuel Baptist, CT
Pastor Jeff Redlin, Campus Church, FL
Scott Tewell, Rosedale Baptist, MD
Pastor Steve Chappell, Coastline Baptist, CA


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You can call 423-344-5050 and tell the receptionist that you want to make a donation by credit card.


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